Mireya Flores Raygoza

29 May 2014

Being Mexican my self I’m very passionate about my food and the food that I prepare for all of my events. I have prepared food for over 1000 guest’s at a time, and it is imperative to me that people get the true taste of Mexico. That being said I really know my Mexican gastronomy as that is what I specialize in. I’m saying that, as it is important for you to know that I would never recommend something that I would not eat my self.

As for the recommendation, if I had to choose, and you are looking for 100% Mexican not fusion, I would say Mezcal Cantina for the food, atmosphere, and the great drinks. It’s London’s best kept secret. The restaurant is owned by Mexican entrepreneur Lic Cesar Garibay. The dishes are truly authentic, maybe the sauces could be a bit hotter but that is a personal taste as not every one is used to eating very spicy food.

El Mestizo is “ok” but a few dishes could be made allot better. In my personal opinion, Wahaca is Mexican fusion so it does not meet all the expectations to the authenticity of the dishes, there is just something missing there. And as far as the rest of the restaurants in London go they are Tex Mex so if you want authentic Mexican its best to steer clear of them as what they serve is NOT Mexican cuisine.